Make a Difference in Someone’s Life Today

I received a completely unexpected email from a friend/acquaintance in Roanoke, VA this morning. It was one of those times when I was left completely speechless, the words of gratitude it expressed went straight to my heart. Here’s the text of the email:

Just a quick note to say: Thanks!!!! One year ago at the Energy Expo in Roanoke, after hearing what my longterm plans and goals were, you asked me: “Why is this in the future? Why not now?” That question changed my life. Shortly afterward (the same day) I approached Barry and told him that we should go into business together. Today Barry and I are partners in Better Building Works, LLC. We’re excited and busy! Thanks for that one important question. 


It’s been said, that if you can say, when you die, that you’ve changed somebody’s life, that you’ve lived a life worth living. I’m grateful, that in the position I’m in, I’ve had the opportunity to hear those wonderful words more than once. And every day, I do everything I can to provide peace of mind for my clients, and inspiration & leadership to those around me.

If someone has made a difference in your life, reach out to them. And, if you haven’t thanked them yet, do so now!

I challenge our clients & friends to go out and make a difference – in your own lives and the lives of others. Ask the tough & provocative questions; realize that it’s time to stop waiting for the ideal time to follow your dreams; give a hug; simply do the right thing; say Thank You!

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